Friday, April 12, 2013

Caption contest results; B. Kliban and Ronald Searle cats

 "Do I really have to share my byline with him?"
Janet Mathos of Leesburg VA provided the most popular caption for the image at right and hence wins a $5 off coupon (although it may seem measly, it's actually pretty good because many of our books cost less than that). Congratulations, and keep those quips coming!
Finalist Kathleen Daw shared that her clever riff on the bestselling cat book I Could Pee on This: and Other Poems by Cats ("we could pee on this") was repudiated by her own mother, who voted for someone else. Very funny. A woman of conviction, I'd say. Stay tuned for a new contest, going up later today. Meanwhile, enjoy the video and images of feline splendor by two past masters of cat portrayal.
First up is B. Kliban and four "April" images from his famous Cat Calendars. (Click here for our current Kliban offerings.)
And here's a gallery from another cat fancier extraordinaire, Ronald Searle (any captions are his).
A bowl of milk and thou...
Bye Bye Blues
The arrival of the oracle


  1. I was not AT ALL familiar with Searle nor his depictions of cats, and so THANK YOU FOR THE POST. I INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE!!! how adorable that mangy kitty delighting in the phonograph is!!! but I have to say the arrival of the oracle is my favorite (sooo hard to choose!!!!)

    1. Isn't it the best? I might have to take it out of the book and frame it!

  2. The Searle cartoon of the cat among books is how Felixity imagines I would look if I play my cards right and evolve up to his level!

    As a victim of Cat Lap Paralysis myself, I found "Forever" delightful! Nothing in the universe, collapsed stars included, is heavier than a cat who does not want to get off your lap.

  3. Nothing is better than sharing something you love with people who are delighted too!