Tuesday, April 9, 2013

History buffs: test your world events smarts with these 20th-century headlines

How well do you know your 20th-century milestones? Test yourself by filling in the missing date or word from these headlines, culled from the archives of the New York Times and our awesome collection of Knowledge Cards. Answers after the jump.
  1. Thursday, April 19, ?: Over 500 Dead, $200,000,000 Lost in San Francisco Earthquake. Nearly half the city is in ruins and 50,000 are homeless
  2. Saturday, February 17, ?: Tut-Ankh-Amen's Inner Tomb Is Opened, Revealing Undreamed of Splendors, Still Untouched after 3,400 Years
  3. Friday, October 18, 1907: ? Joins Two Worlds
  4. Tuesday, September 7, 1909: Peary Discovers ? After Eight Trials in 23 Years
  5. Wednesday, December 7, 1921: ? To Be a Free State Within the British Empire; Agreement Signed Giving Her a Status Like Canada's
  6. Monday, November 11, ?: Armistice Signed, End of the War! Berlin Seized by Revolutionists; New Chancellor Begs for Order; Ousted Kaiser Flees to Holland
  7. Saturday, May 5, 1915: ? Sunk by a Submarine, Probably 1260 Dead, Twice Torpedoed Off Irish Coast; Sinks in 15 Minutes; Capt Turner Saved, Frohman and Vanderbilt Missing; Washington Believes a Grave Crisis Is at Hand
  8. Friday, March 8, 1912: ? Reaches the South Pole; Stays Four Days ... Party All Well He Tells the Times
  9. Monday, June 29, 1914: Heir to ?'s Throne Is Slain With His Wife by a Bosnian Youth to Avenge Seizure of His Country
  10. Friday, January 1, 1999: 11 Countries Tie Europe Together in One ?.
  11. Tuesday, July 1, ?:  China Resumes Control of Hong Kong, Concluding 156 Years of British Rule
  12. Saturday, November 11, ?: Joyous East Germans Pour Through Wall; Party Pledges Freedoms, and City Exults
  1. 1906 
  2. 1923
  3. Wireless. (Marconi transatlantic service opened with a dispatch to the New York Times.)
  4. The North Pole
  5. Ireland
  6. 1918, the end of World War I
  7. Lusitania
  8. Amundsen. ("Capt Amundsen has attained the geographic south pole, the long-sought-for-spot, and that finishes record-breaking as far as the ends of the earth are concerned."—Sir Ernest Shakelton)
  9. Austria
  10. Currency (the euro)
  11. 1997 ("It was an event awaited with trepidation as well as excitement since 1984, when Britain and China agreed on terms for the transfer of power over this territory wrested from China in the 19th-century wars over the opium trade.")
  12. 1989. "Berlin a Festival"


  1. 7 out of 12 is not a passing grade...does it help that I missed by only one year on three dates? (Forgot how long it took to clear the steps before King Tut's tomb was opened.)
    Mention of Shackleton always reminds me that part of the reason he failed to reach the South Pole was his use of Shetland ponies instead of huskies. Not only were they unable to stand the cold, but they lacked salt, owing to an oversight by Shackleton. Needless to say, none survived the attempt--they were eaten by the men.

    On a day that feels like summer vacation, this is school!

    1. What a bummer! (about Shackleton) I give you a 2-year spread, and the grand prize in our little pop quiz.

  2. Oh geez! You've made me doubt my knowledge of historical events, or at least my ability to guess the year.

  3. I think you all did well ... i figure if you're in the date ballpark, you're good.