Monday, April 15, 2013

Hybrid art forms: the Record Book project

For his Record Books project, Christophe Gowans has taken the titles of more than 100 well-known record albums and recast them as imaginary books, with made-up jacket copy and covers he designs. Here's how he transformed Prince's Purple Rain: “When a form of acid rain appears to stunt the growth of every living thing, man’s existence is on a knife edge. Pygmies realise that the peach is unaffected, and found a new society, with the peach stone as its currency.... It just screams late-60s/early 70s sci-fi—big, thick, stupid paperbacks.”
Gowans envisioned Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks as a thriller set in the '50s in which “a jilted train driver hijacks his New York subway train to exact revenge upon his love rival, only to threaten the life of his ex-lover.” For this one he used an original book cover,  altering only the title. “I feel a bit guilty but people seem to like it” he says. And the Beatles' immortal Abbey Road morphs into “the story of two Catholic sisters growing up in a swiftly changing postwar Britain.” Love the Penguin-esque cover!
Check out our real books on Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones.


  1. An interesting experiment. You wouldn't expect to find Jimi Hendrix on the Business/Computer shelf.

  2. These book covers would make really great prints to hang on the wall. totally digging blood on the tracks cover, and exile from main street.

  3. Genius idea! I would totally read these

  4. I love these! Although, there are some albums I love, but based on these covers - I'm not sure if I would read the book [I won't admit which ones :)]