Thursday, May 16, 2013

'Garden Wisdom'—easy on the eyes; camo owl

It's spring, and the thoughts of many of us turn to what we're going to do with our gardens, be they grandiose or minuscule.  As Rodgers & Hart wrote, "give me not a lot of, just a plot of land." 
I was fortunate enough to move into a townhouse 17 years ago that was previously owned by a woman who was certifiably mad about gardening. Consequently, nary a month of the year goes by that I'm not treated to a beautiful item in bloom. Right now it's purple rhododendrons and peonies galore, as well as dark and light purple irises and the slender Scandinavian sort. Not to mention the mauve clematis. The fact that these gorgeous creations pop up year after year without the slightest effort on my part is a gift and a grace note from nature beyond reckoning. My contribution to this riot of color is a pink rosebush loaded with buds that will soon fill the house with blooms of heavenly fragrance.
As a rank amateur, I like to peruse illustrated anthologies on gardening so as not to tax myself unduly. Garden Wisdom is one such book, and because the little icon on the Daedalus web page can't do the artwork justice I thought I'd share some of it with you. It's done by Angie Lewin in various media and has a really distinctive, slightly retro feel. I hope you enjoy her art and will share some of your gardening exploits with us!
"Hidden Fish" illustrates a passage on water gardens.

This one's for you, Molly Monday .... PHOTO OF THE MONTH by Graham McGeorge, from the 2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest  


  1. If plants could talk, I'd be indicted for negligent herbicide.
    A runty rhododendron, a misunderstood sanseveria, and a DOA coffee plant will testify for the prosecution.
    My next plant will be a Venus flytrap.
    The instructions say, when insects are scarce, small bits of meat can be substituted.
    Sounds like an Ambrose Bierce kind of plant!

  2. MY VERY OWN OWL! :) His face reminds me of the Hungover Owls blog (if you haven't seen it, you should definitely check it out).

    1. You're welcomeMay 17, 2013 at 1:14 PM

      His face reminds me of the "transforming owl" that was featured on some Japanese nature(?) show. The video can be watched on Youtube:

      Enjoy!! (I KNOW you will)

    2. Owls are amazing. It's as if Tom Cruise could turn himself into Lee Van Cleef, at will!

  3. Wilhelm Thaddeus Fink, ESQ/PHD/DDS/CSR/MERRYPRANKSTERMay 16, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    Gioconda, I'd be on trial right beside you. Though I'm ashamed to admit it, I remember the long dead cactus on my windowsill. I can still, however, be uber-jealous of the rhododendrons. They're my all-time favorite. I lived briefly in Colorado and they were EVERYWHERE:)

  4. That's some owl picture!
    With the rest of us, when we close our eyes, the world disappears.
    But when that owl shuts his eyes, he disappears!

  5. I got here from the Daedalus Books website. I was attracted to the picture that is displayed relating to your blog topic for today on the Daedalus website. But--I noticed that the picture that attracted me from the Daedalus website is not actually in the blog! I was hoping to see a larger version of that same picture! It was less stylized than the pictures that are in the blog today. Thanks!

    1. Hello - I think you are referring to the Agapanthus image, which I put a detail of on the Daedalus web page. I have now put the image into the blog for your enjoyment!

  6. Love Molly's owl, I need to check out the hungover owls blog stat!!!!