Monday, July 15, 2013

A doctor's excuse to go wine tasting

Is red wine good for your brain? Well, yes, sorta says Dr Eric Braverman, author of Younger Brain, Smarter Mind.
The qualifier is that two glasses provide only 1.5 milligrams of the miracle component resveratrol, whereas his recommendation for the highest health benefits is in the 100- to 500-mg range. (But every little bit helps, eh?)
Dr. B calls resveratrol "reverse-it-all" because it's in a class of antioxidants that directly repair genes and make them resistant to damage, thereby decreasing cellular death and preserving longevity. It also inhibits infection, inflammation, and cancer.
As far as the brain goes, he cites a Harvard study that showed an improvement in memory and reaction time after consuming the magic elixir. I'll toast to that!
Other items containing resveratrol? The biggie is blueberries, then dark chocolate, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, white wine, hops, peanuts, pistachios, and of course, grapes.
As with wine, we mustn't feel too virtuous if we overindulge; but hey, it beats potato chips!
After the jump is a list of the chapters in Dr Braverman's book (click through to see which sport he recommends to improve brain functioning). Subtitled "A 6-Step Plan for Preserving and Improving Memory and Attention at Any Age from America's Brain Doctor," it's one of the key titles in our curated collection of books in the "Healthy Brain/Health Life" Forum on our website. With author dialogues, puzzles, recipes, quizzes, and more, the Forum categories include the following:
Right Brain, Left Brain: Building Smarter Connections
Stress Less: Inhale, Exhale, Relax
Food for Thought: Nourishing a Smarter Mind
Total Recall: Memory Strategies for Life
Brain Gym: Games, Puzzles, and Brain Teasers for Every IQ
Chapter 1: Brain Basics: What's Going On Inside Your Head
Chapter 2: The Causes of Cognitive Decline
Chapter 3: Identifying Personality and Mood Changes
Chapter 4: Identifying Memory Problems
Chapter 5: Identifying Attention Problems
Chapter 6: Identifying IQ Types

Chapter 7: Step One: Early Testing
Chapter 8: Step Two: Smart Lifestyle Changes
Chapter 9: Step Three: Diet and Nutrition for a Younger, Smarter You
Chapter 10: Step Four: Exercises That Boost Your Brain
Chapter 11: Step Five: Natural Hormones to Jump-Start Quick Thinking
Chapter 12: Step Six: Brain-Balancing Medications

Chapter 13: Reversing Disease Makes You Smarter
Chapter 14: The Daily Smarts

ERIC R. BRAVERMAN, MD, is a professor of integrative medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College and the director of the PATH Medical Center and PATH Foundation. The sport he recommends to improve brain functioning: tennis.


  1. Tennis without the table sounds fine for the brain, but the knees, ankles and elbows disagree!
    I like a white cabernet with my potato chips;-).

  2. You had me at "wine!" As I've always suspected, a Malbec after a long day is merely medicinal:)

  3. Ughhhh, you're telling me that I HAVE to go home, drink wine AND eat dark chocolate. Geez, being healthy is for the birds!!

  4. Wine and chocolate?!? I'll drink to that!