Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dog days

Drawing up a list of her ruling passions at age 44, Edith Wharton put down "dogs" second after "justice and order." She's pictured at left with her chihuahuas in an 1890 snapshot. For those of you who fall into Wharton's camp (or know someone just as besotted), you may be interested in the collection The Best Dog Stories.
My household has just mourned the passing of a very personable black cairn terrier named Zorro at the age of 15, so I was very surprised after saying goodbye to him to run across on our website the children's book Say Hello to Zorro! Maybe it's a more popular name than I thought. Here he is, in his silver years. And below, the antics of the other Zorro (he's the little dog).


  1. Ahh dogs!!!!

  2. Gotta love a book about a dog named Zorro! Thanks.