Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Freebie lollapalooza for music, book & comedy lovers

It's culture, both high and low. And it's free! So scroll down, see what appeals to you, and enjoy.
First up is a free download of a complete recording of Vivaldi's Gloria and Bach's Magnificat by the esteemed British group The Sixteen. How great is that? You can listen to the beginning of the Vivaldi above. For more awesome sacred music, try Hildegard von Bingen's Celestial Hierarchy or William Byrd's Music for a Hidden Chapel featuring the blissful singing of Chanticleer.
And now for something completely different. A curator at the tv/video site Network Awesome has put together this montage of cuckoo Terry Gilliam animations from the Monty Python show, all done by hand. Beware the dread perambulator of death! (We have several items of Pythonania at present, as well as DVDs of the quite risible series Little Britain.)
We love books, you love books, yeah? Focusing on the paperback revolution, here's an installment from the BBC's four-part series The Beauty of Books. And here's a sampling of our current selection of books for bibliophiles.


  1. Thanks for posting The Beauty of Books video. Love the whole bit on 1984.

  2. Terry Gilliam's fever-dream animation was always the most disorienting and unpredictable part of Monty Python. Fascinating to see all that manic material collected.

    Among the titles presented under "books for bibliophiles," "My Ideal Bookshelf" certainly piqued my curiosity. It's always very interesting to see what would appear on someone's ideal bookshelf, their creative influences. Of course, I'm also one of those odd ones that finds themselves examining the bookshelves of people they've just met.

    1. Move over, Sherlock! I've been a bookshelf profiler since high school.
      If the party has no bookshelf, nor even a small stack of magazines, maybe it's time to activate the "rescue ringtone"!

    2. Oh Gioconda, i deleted your post on the found poetry of the BBC captions by accident. My computer is doing this new thing of taking actions with a mind of its own when ever I'm hovering over something. Most hateful!!

    3. Gioconda, I agree wholeheartedly. Bookshelf snoopers of the world unite! Sounds like one of the most awkward parties every, everyone standing around not speaking for the first half hour or so as they appraise the contents of the host's shelves.

    4. JP, my own computer froze up for the weekend past, with a case of the FBI Virus. Verizon cured it (at a price!) They said it's been going around for a while. Then, why can't they get rid of it?
      Anyone who likes a laugh might look at the CC captions on the Beauty of Books video. If I ever own a restaurant, "anchored bistro king" is high on my list of names.