Monday, July 8, 2013

Testing a yoga video for chronic back problems — a spine-tingling experience

Graphic courtesy of design by Danielle.
I popped Peggy Cappy's Easy Yoga For Easing Pain DVD into my laptop looking forward to the two operative words, which were alluring fulcrums on either side of the topic: "easy" and "easing pain."  I was immediately drawn to what Cappy announced as her "mission" of alleviating pain in as many people as she can, as well as her promise of immediate benefits: 1) increasing circulation and range of motion; 2) stretching chronically tight areas; and 3) improving strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and posture.
I have to say that after going through the brief program for the first time myself, it delivered on all counts—and I felt about 50% better than when I started. Yes, I have a yoga mat and yes I try to do a repertoire of stretches every day to alleviate longstanding disc problems, but it's just not the same as having a coach and a focused set of exercises.
Cappy guides you through three groups  of movements (using a chair, standing, and lying down [meditation]), alongside a guinea pig/assistant whom you can see in the screen shot at left. They're easy to mimic, so you can shut off the part of your brain that has to figure things out while you're listening, looking, and imitating the two of them.
Many years ago I took a yoga class and I remember feeling frustrated that my muscles were always so tight and I couldn't measure up to the standards set by the teacher and the other students. There's none of that here, because you're in your own house, wearing whatever you want and doing things at your own pace. Cappy is extremely mellow and encouraging. The stretches, which were great, had me pushing a bit but not uncomfortably, and instead of more-or-less dreading them I'm looking forward to doing them again! (FYI, she doesn't do the pose on the cover.)
After a few more rounds with Cappy, I may even dip my toes into the 100-minute Yoga for Beginners…. In the meantime, Namaste (or words to that effect)!


  1. Meditation: "Do not fall not fall asleep...zzz..!!..I am NOT asleep!...not asleep..don't fall asleep...relax and...zzzz..."

    1. Meditate on this:
      "There once was a lady named Rose,
      Who knew every Tantric love pose.
      She could type, text, or phone
      Using fingers alone,
      But for reading, she only used toes!"

      Limericks are the writer's OM.

    2. chaque un a son gout, eh?? rhyme on!

  2. Thanks for this. I always feel better after a yoga class. It's important to search for the right class for you.