Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lisa Brown's short, sweet book review cartoons

In her "three-panel books reviews" done for the San Francisco Chronicle, Lisa Brown distills fiction both old and new—as well as kids' books and nonfiction bestsellers. Here's a sampler.
Bring Up the Bodies is the second in Hilary Mantel's tripartite portrait of Thomas Cromwell and his bloodthirsty era. Despite knowing the outcome (many  more heads will roll!), many are eagerly awaiting the third book.
Two views of romance: The heroine of Elizabeth Gilbert's mega-hit Eat, Pray, Love and Bram Stoker's iconic anti-hero, Dracula!
In regard to poor Tess, revelations in Andrew Norman's biography of the author (Thomas Hardy: Behind the Mask) may go some ways toward explaining the implacable fates he allotted his heroines. (After the death of his first wife Emma, he burned a manuscript of hers entitled 'What I think of my husband'; Norman also thinks she may have loved another man.)

Yes, Moll was quite a gal! Check out our trifecta of books on or about her.
Speaking of criminal types: are you jonesin' for Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black? Well, you might be able to assuage your cravings by perusing this memoir by the real Piper Kerman, which inspired the Netflix original series. (Left: actress Taylor Schilling with Kerman.)


  1. Love the three panel reviews. Also reading "Orange Is the New Black" now, a lot different from the show but still great.

  2. JP

    We're gonna need more panels. I just read three classics; what a way to read the "Great Books!"

    They're a Timesaver and Funny----


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