Sunday, September 1, 2013

Look for the silver lining: the films of Judy Garland

Practically from infancy, Judy Garland was a consummate entertainer. This montage shows how much blood, sweat, and tears was necessary for Judy to keep Louis B. Mayer satisfied and the IRS at bay. If you haven't seen the restored version of her masterpiece, A Star Is Born, we highly recommend it. Even the brief snippets below bring up so many bittersweet memories of a star who put oodles of heart, soul, and talent into everything she did.

Below is Judy filming the song and dance number "Get Happy" from Summer Stock—one of the many high points in her fabled career.

Who has a favorite Judy movie, song, or moment?


  1. What made Judy so appealing to me was her believable vulnerability, and that also made "A Star Is Born" so moving.
    There is a scene in her dressing room, when her character breaks down in tears, that really conveyed her pain. For all the earnestness of her love, it was powerless against the demons left in the wake of Norman Maine's ebbing fame. Love is supposed to conquer all--why was it failing, when both of them needed it so much to succeed?

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  3. Oh, no! Spam City strikes again.