Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Celia Cruz: Ritmo En El Corazón

Did you catch this Google doodle celebrating "Queen of Salsa" Celia Cruz yesterday? I ID'd her right off, having recently blurbed a CD on the flamboyant Cuban legend that spanned her career (and she had a long one). It's called The Absolute Collection and includes top hits from Cruz's more than five-decades in show biz. Here she is with "Oye Como Va." And check out her dance moves on the vintage tape of her performing "Guantanamera"!

In 2006, the Smithsonian's American History Museum devoted a year-long exhibit to Cruz, showcasing costumes, wigs, shoes, photographs, album covers, posters, video, and music. Much of the material is preserved in this snazzy online exhibit, which has a lineup of audio samples and short videos portraying Cruz throughout her career.

Below: "la negra tiene tumbao" ("the black woman walks with grace").

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  1. That Oye Como Va video reminds me of the one Carlos Santana did for his hit song Smooth, where everyone in it is a hot young dancer except for the elderly Latin person who's the reason for the video. Good for Carlos and Celia: two stars who together have lasted more than 100 years (!) in show business.

    p.s. Speaking of Santana, baby boomers might not be aware that his 1970 hit version of Oye Como Va was actually a cover of the Tito Puente original from almost 10 years earlier.