Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Penny-pinchers' gift guide: birthdays, Xmas, and beyond

Calendars are gifts that make a big, beautiful splash yet they don't break the bank. (Especially when you get them from us for five bucks. For full-sized ones in gorgeous color!) Of course, feel free to indulge in one or more for yourself. At right is a design from the William Morris wallpapers calendar. And below are samples from two more of my favorites, Toulouse-Lautrec and Retro Mama.
"Carriage with Dog" by Toulouse-Lautrec. Below, detail of "Dance at the Moulin Rouge."
Moving on to stocking stuffers, I would like to testify that our estimable senior vp and senior buyer sacrifice their feet and their sanity yearly to travel to Las Vegas, where they tread the endless concrete floors of international trade shows so they can bring you the coolest items in the category of "small gifts at big savings." Below is a sampling, with illustrations.
Six-pack of Kate Sutton holiday mini-journals ($6.98), Anne Taintor magnets ($1.98) and coin purses ($3.98), emergency sewing kits ($2.98) and dressmakers' tape measures ($4.98), collapsible travel cosmetic case in paisley ($5.98), pretty pencil holders ($2.98), tons of "big face" wristwatches in various styles ($14.98), Biggle Farm Library and Quilts Note Cards ($3.98), carabiner pens so you'll always have one handy ($2.98), horn-rim reading glasses ($6.98), lots of classy but inexpensive bookmarks and reading lights, journals for people who still like to keep them by hand ($4.98), holiday movies like A Christmas Story and the Little Women directed by Gillian Armstrong (with Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst, Claire Danes, Christian Bale, & Susan Sarandon; $5.98), holiday music full of good cheer (On a Cold Winter's Day: Early Christmas Music and Carols from the British Isles by the Quadriga Consort, $8.95), Edward Gorey holiday greeting cards ($5.98), and a set of wine coasters with trivia ($3.98).

(If you put in an order online of more than $50 before December 15, you'll get $5 off. Just use source code S=13479 at checkout!)


  1. The William Morris Giftwrap Daedalus is carrying is gorgeous. Makes me wanna just buy a bunch of presents for friends and family for the sake of the wrapping paper. Checked out the William Morris Wall Calendar too. Reminds me of a sophisticated nature collage.

    1. I like the calendars because you can frame your favorites. Last year I got a Japanese woodblock one that I absolutely love.

  2. I love calenders, and I especially love Daedalus calenders. I am particularly fond of the Build Your Own Zombie one, which I think I will give away as a gift (and buy one for myself.) But I have to wonder, in the age of technology full of smart phones with calender applications that are capable of feats such as sending reminders to your email, do you think in the future calenders will be less popular as younger generations become more reliant on technology? I just wonder because I find myself being suck in the in-between zone. I keep meaning to record important things on a physical calender each month, but I find myself relying more on my phone.

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