Friday, January 10, 2014

All Things Beastly

Looking through items that appealed to me in the list of Winter Sale Items from Daedalus, I began to see a theme emerging; hence the following animal-themed edition of the Glean.  The Bedside Book of Beasts. I love this title and have given it to several friends. The marriage of illustrations and excerpts is outstanding, and it's great for browsing. (Engraving below by William Home Lizars; See more images from the book here.]
Ape House, by Sara Gruen. I loved her novel Water for Elephants (more than the film) and am looking forward to reading this book. The enormous potential of emotional connections between animals and humans—when we allow them—loom large in her writing.
The Well-Dressed Ape: A Natural History of Myself, by Hannah Holmes. She sounds like my kind of gal: "A fascinating though not a fast read, The Well-Dressed Ape clearly is not destined for the creationists' best-seller list. It should be noted that in fleshing out the bio basics, Holmes has way too much fun. Though much of the book is written well, with a Discovery Channel demeanor, the author wisecracks nearly page-by-page."—USA Today
Art of William Steig. This compendium provides hours of enjoyment. What a singularly observant mind and honed craft are distilled into each of his deceptively artless drawings! (You can view more Steig images in this previous DG post.)
Dawn Light: Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day, by Diane Ackerman. "Intoxicating in its rush of imagery, charming in its whimsical anthropomorphism, Dawn Light is also a time-traveling treasury of obscure information. Ackerman whisks us from pre-Christian Britain to medieval Japan and from light-starved northern Norway to north Australia as a 'cloud glory,' a fogbank hundreds of miles long, rolls toward the coast."—Boston Globe
The Dog by the Cradle, the Serpent Beneath: Some Paradoxes of Human-Animal Relationships, by Erika Ritter.
Dog on Terrazzo: 10 Notecards with Envelopes. There's never a dearth of dog books at Daedalus. Check out this "Canine Corner." OK, we have a soft spot for cats as well!
Frogs: A Blank Journal—for the biologist (or eternal kid) in your life
Harlequin Notables: Classics: Set of 3 Matchbook Memo Pads (Dancing on My Heart; There Came a Tyrant; and Where the Wolf Leads). Howl!
Rabbits: The Animal Answer Guide. You never know when you (or a child you know and their poor beleaguered parent) will have a yen to keep some.  

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