Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let's get this party started!: vintage "Happy New Year"

Do you think this couple is coming from or going to a party? Captions are welcome throughout—prizes will be forthcoming for LOL ones! The twosome below is a tad more sedate, though that cannot be said of the Irish lassie in the moon and Miss Moneybags!
"A den of iniquity please, and make it snappy!"
The last one says it all. Thanks for reading and responding to the Daily Glean in 2013!


  1. For the first picture (they're coming from a party, not going to): "Remember, alcoholism is a slippery slope. Don't drink and sled."

    In the second, the driver looks startled. Perhaps the woman has just said something like "Why don't you sit back here with me, James? I'm sure your horse knows the way."

    1. bingo, and a fine start to the New Year ... well done!

  2. Hey, RPS! Happy New Year to you--I loved the "Don't drink & sled".
    For the lady boarding the carriage: "I'm sorry, I don't have the exact fare. How "bout a coupon for a free massage?"
    For the girl in the moon (this is local): "Whee! Bloomberg's out! Supersize me!"
    For the sweet face directly below: "I'm raising money for orphaned Christmas trees. They have such a hard time right now--please give generously!"
    And for Father Time: "Whaddya lookin' at? She's my niece!!"

    1. Well, you both reached your LOL quotient! Prize notifications will be forthcoming!