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Downton Abbey, Season 4 Episode 7 recap: You say bazaar-oh, I say bizarre-o

Violet has bounced back from her pneumonia scare, so she's up for a walk over to the Abbey when Isobel stops in to check on her. “Isobel: It's only me.” Violet: “I always feel that greeting betrays such a lack of self worth.” Oh Granny, give a gal a break!
At Downton, Cora is getting ready for the annual village bazaar and asks Rose for help. But her niece is secretly planning to meet up with Jack Ross and begs off. Later, as Mary dresses for dinner, she tells Anna that Lord Gillingham will coming yet again for an overnight visit. Anna finally tells Mary that Green was her attacker. Mary wants to tell Gillingham about it, but Anna is still afraid that if Bates finds out, all bets are off. Mary resolves to call Gillingham and tell him not to come, and a relieved Anna tells her that she’s frightened every time Bates and Green are in the same room.
Downstairs, Molesley has another sweet interaction with Baxter. She tells him that even though “life has kicked the stuffing out of [him],” he can climb back up, because she did. Can't wait to find out about her past!! Later he brings her some coffee (that's a switcheroo) and they have the following dialogue:
Molesley: “Miss Baxter, I do know what it’s like to feel fragile. I felt fragile my whole life. You’d have realized by now that down here, we don’t care much about Mr. Barrow, which might offend you.”
Baxter: “I’m not offended.”
Molesley: “But I wish you’d give us credit for making up our own minds about you.”

Anna and Bates discuss Mary’s romantic prospects, and Bates brings up Green, wondering if Anna has “gone off him,” since she seemed to like him at first. She sidesteps the issue by saying she doesn't remember.
Tom drives Isobel to Thirsk and glimpses Rose in a tea shop with Jack Ross. Jack is cautious about pursuing the relationship, but Rose is insistent. Tom and Isobel run into Sarah Bunting, the pert young woman Tom met at the political meeting. She teases him about his politics, and Isobel springs to his defense. We find out that she's a teacher, and they definitely seem to be warming to each other. Even later, he helps her fix her car when he finds her stranded on the road, and she gleans the information that he came to Downton as a chauffeur.
That night, Mary tells Anna that she couldn't reach Gillingham, and that he’s still coming. Rats! Tom pops in to Mary's boudoir to spill about Rose and Jack Ross.
A maiden all forlorn. ("No snacking!")
Were you wondering when we'd get to potential unwed mother Edith? Well, Rosamund has come to Downton to support her when she tells Cora about her pregnancy. Edith, however, tells Rosamund that she wants to use tenant farmer Mr. Drewe as a patsy so as to keep the baby. Rosamund points out that this is basically cuckoo (what if Drewe talks about it, people might see Edith going to his house, the baby might look like Edith; she doesn't even mention problems like how Edith would manage to hide the pregnancy at Downton or where she would have the baby!) Rosamund's idea is for them to go to Switzerland for four months and give the child up for adoption there.
Downstairs, the repugnant Mr. Green is blathering on obnoxiously about his preference for London, when Bates offhandedly asks him where he lives. Dum dum dum dum!
Mary tries to reason with Rose about Jack, but she is having none of it and accuses Mary of being imperialist and—horror of horrors—just like Rosamund.
Rose: “I love him. And I won’t listen to any imperialist nonsense about racial purity, and how he should be horse-whipped for daring to dream.”
Mary: “Don’t you know me better than that?”
Rose: “I’m going to marry him, Mary. And I don’t care what it costs, and I won’t keep it a secret, not once I’ve told mummy. I want to see her face crumble once she finds out.”

Seriously … is she out of her ever-loving' mind??
Then Gillingham drops the long-expected (to us) bomb that he's not going to marry the Honorable Lady Moneybags.
Gillingham: “I’ve made up my mind to break off the engagement.”
Mary: “Does Mabel know?”
Gillingham: “Not yet. I haven’t been in London since, and I must tell her face-to-face.”
Mary: “Of course, you must! But I wish you’d think seriously before you do.”
Gillingham: “You mean you’re going to turn me down again.”
Mary: “I’ve told you, I’m not on the market, Tony. I’m not free. Sometimes I almost wish I were, but I’m not, and that’s all there is to it.”

Oh Granny, thank you for the following hilarious exchange. We were so in need of some comic relief! She has  invited Rosamund and Edith for tea, but is really trying to ascertain what’s up with them.
Violet: “I want to know what you are doing at Downton.”
Rosamund: “I don’t understand. Why shouldn’t I come to Downton? I grew up here.”
Violet: “I see I have to take the slow path. You telephone to say Edith is to be cherished, but you don’t say why.”
Rosamund: “Didn’t I?”
Violet: “No. Next, you invite yourself to Downton and reveal at dinner that you and Edith are retreating to the continent for several months, so you can improve your French.”
Edith: “Yes.”
Violet: “Rosamund has no interest in French. If she wishes to be understood by a foreigner, she shouts.”

Violet later tells Edith that the best plan is for them to go abroad. She offers to pay for everything, because she doesn’t want Edith to be so much in Rosamund’s debt.
Mary goes up to London to see Jack, who tells her that he won’t marry Rose because he doesn’t want to ruin her life. He really seems to love her, although one boat ride, an evening of dancing, and a meeting in a tea shop hardly seems like much to go by. Anyhow, he tells Mary that if they lived in a better world, he wouldn’t do this, and she tells him that if they did, she wouldn’t want him to either. Back at Rosamund’s house, Mary tells Anna that she’s going to ask Gillingham to dismiss Green.
At Downton, the bazaar is in full swing, and Molesley gets a leg up on both Thomas and Jimmy in front of Miss Baxter, ending up walking off arm in arm with her. The mouse that roared! Cut to a car pulling up … and it’s Robert! The lord of the manor is back! Everyone is thrilled to see him, especially Cora, who gives him a lingering smooch. All of a sudden Gillingham is back too, popping up like the proverbial Whack a Mole. He felt it necessary to tell her in person that Green was killed in Piccadilly when he slipped and fell into the road. How convenient! Thankfully, Bates was in York … or was he?? Blake boomerangs back as well—because he just can't stay away from Mary either.
Blake: “You do know why I came today.”
Mary: “To see the bazaar?”
Blake: “To see you. I find, perhaps to my surprise, that since I left I can’t think of anything but you.”
Mary: “To your surprise and my surprise.”
Blake: “I’m only asking for a chance.”
Mary: “Was there really a conference in Whitby?”
Blake: “Of course not.”
Mary: “I’m flattered, Charles, and even moved. But rather than add to the list of men I’ve disappointed, it might be kinder to refuse you now, and let you off the hook.”
Blake: “I’m afraid I couldn’t allow that. Not without putting up a fight.”

Daisy goes off to visit her erstwhile father-in-law on his farm to avoid running into a visiting Alfred yet again. (Why oh why is she still working as a scullery maid when he has offered her his farm?) He convinces her to bid a final farewell to Alfred, and so she does, with a present of a basket of provisions. There a lovely little scene with Mrs. Patmore, who tells Daisy "If you were my own daughter I couldn’t be prouder than I am now."
Stay tuned next week for the "Christmas Episode," when all will be revealed (at least until Season 5!)
The Downton ladies are amused at Mary's plethora of suitors
"Joy or sorrow, her face treats those two imposters just the same. Her expression is always blank, blank, blankety blank…. She likes to drift around Downton as if the coat hanger was still in all her dresses." 
Do you agree with these Daily Mail quips about Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary?
Dockery certainly seems to be having a rip-roaring time in this spoof of an ad for a new cop show from Funny or Die. ("Don't call her dainty." ... "This anachronistic behavior has to stop!")
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