Friday, March 28, 2014

The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la!

You can tell from this author photo that Caldecott medalist Lois Ehlert loves color. Each book in her "Growing Garden" boxed set is awash in enough gloriously saturated hues to make your heart leap and your endorphins kick into high gear! It's never too early to indoctrinate kids into the mysteries of growing stuff (or to give any botanically challenged adults in their lives a primer on same). Below are some sample pages from each book. First is the flower volume.
Next are images from Eating the Rainbow.
Finally, we have Growing Vegetable Soup, with a yummy recipe at the end.
Two other introductory books I like a lot are Secrets of the Garden and How Do Apples Grow?
If you're interested in various aspects of choosing, growing, or preserving healthy, delicious food—and who isn't?—then have a look at the latest Daedalus Books Forum, called "The Simple Life: Ideas to Nourish and Sustain." We've curated books that highlight cooking with fresh ingredients, that inspire going local, that talk about protecting the environment, and that celebrate "homesteading" (growing, making, and preserving your own victuals!). Have a favorite farmers market? Send us an email to with your picks.


  1. Lois Ehlert is fantastic! Eating the Alphabet was a favorite book of my son's; glad to see that even though he's now in college, it's still around. (Heck, he probably still would enjoy reading it.) We also loved Feathers For Lunch, Color Zoo, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, plus a number of others.

  2. Wow, what color. It is nice to see a children's author that has been around for a while. Do you think her techniques do encourage children to grow and eat fruits and vegetables?

  3. online Wildflowers in bloom was created and is maintained by Dan Lineberger and Jerry Parsons, Horticulture Program, Texas Cooperative Extension.