Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Victory Garden" posters / Plants that bees love

The WPA-era posters below used vivid graphics to encourage people to grow their own vegetables. Especially charming is “War Gardens Over the Top,” which shows a youngster with a hoe chasing fleeing ripe vegetables. The drawing is by Maginel Wright Barney, a children’s book illustrator and younger sister of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. After the war, Victory Gardens gave way to frozen vegetables, and thus the decline of fresh foodstuffs was accelerated.
The pendulum has now swung backwards, thankfully, to an emphasis on fresh, unadulterated ingredients (as featured bountifully in our current Forum ("The Simple Life: Ideas to Nourish and Sustain")!
Beats me why Superman doesn't use his superpowers to take the load off poor old Robin!
Instructional graphics just don't come more appealing that the one below by Hannah Rosengren, showing which herbs and flowers attract bees—colonies of which are dwindling alarmingly worldwide.
Who has planted something this year? I've gotten as far as putting some basil in a pot (and turning the composter assiduously).


  1. Sunflowers, Lavender, California and Classic Poppy!

  2. You mentioned your compost - you should know that if you compost banana peels or melon rinds, it attracts bee predators. So, plant the good things and don't compost the bad to help save the bees!

    1. I so didn't know that. I will eschew them! thanks.

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