Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dogs + kids = happiness

If you're a dog lover, do treat yourself to this gallery of canines prepared by Maria Popova of Brain Pickings. It's excerpted from 1,000 Dog Portraits From the People Who Love Them, and the story behind their creation is a heartwarming doozy. Above,  "Bowie" by Robynne Raye and "Untitled" by Jen Roos; below, "Komondor" by Nina Naeher.
The cuteness quotient is also sky-high in this endearing interview by a son quizzing his dad about his career as an artist. Besides being adorable, he's a darn good interviewer!

More about dogs here (including The Ralph Steadman Book of Dogs)!
More groovy kid stuff here!


  1. I keep hearing awful things about how more and more companies are stealing illustrations from smaller magazines/blogs and branding the designs as their own. (Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters seem to be the most recent culprits). It's kind of sad, but copyright law/patent laws are so convoluted that sometimes it's hard to take a serious stance on the issue. Regardless, wish more people would find silver linings in their copyright struggles. Great dog illustrations!

  2. Does Ralph Steadman provide the illustrations for Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick? His drawing above reminds me of their beer bottles.

  3. I agree; that Steadman illustration screams Flying Dog Brewery. Even the typeset looks familiar.

  4. You two are indeed correct. Ralph Steadman drew the artwork on the labels of Flying Dog beers back in 1995 or so.

  5. I love the blot dog illustration. It reminds me of a Rorschach picture coming to life.