Friday, August 22, 2014

Tennis anyone? Vintage posters and Hollywood photos

Whilst I and my fellow tennis fans are gearing up for the last grand slam of the year in Flushing Meadows, I thought I'd share these colorful vintage posters of the sport. They come from a recent auction catalog by Swann Galleries.
I also find these photos of golden-age Hollywood stars on the court quite enjoyable. First up is Kate Hepburn, one of the sportiest stars of them all. In the photo at right, she poses for a publicity picture with professional athlete Gussie Moran on the set of Pat and Mike. (Courtesy Everett Collection.)
The  photos below show Judy Garland and Paulette Goddard playing tennis at the Ambassador Hotel for charity.
Nice pickup, Barbara Stanwyck! Then it's game, set, and match. Below, Ginger Rogers really goes for her shots—and manages to look fetching at the same time (just as she did in those impossibly intricate routines with Astaire).
Above, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard goof off in their own giddy fashion. Below, pals Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart try a spot of table tennis, while the happiest couple in Hollywood, Bacall and Bogey, take a break from same.
Balancing Bacall's devastating voice and looks and her aura of patrician self-possession was a down-to-earth sense of humor and fun. That's why Bogart (and the couple's fans) loved her so much. She'll be greatly missed, and remembered fondly forever via her films.


  1. Innovations they're gonna have to make before I play tennis:
    1-) A serve that allows me to walk up to the net and drop the ball on the other side.
    2-) Omnidirectional roller skates controlled by my wrinkling a brow.
    3-) A reclining ottoman on the side for those between-set breaks.
    And a 12-year-old Chivas Regal to cheer me on (Thanks, Sir Patrick!)

    1. That's quite the idiosyncratic approach!

  2. Judy Garland was just the cutest, wasn't she now? Also, love the photograph of Gable and Lombard, it's really evident how in love they were.

    1. Yes they were ... so sad about her tragic death: he never got over it.