Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wonderful animated gif book illustrations from the Smithsonian and U. Iowa Libraries

Whoever is curating the Smithsonian Libraries' Tumblr page of vintage book illustrations ("Turning the Book Wheel") is having way too much fun for government work! Huffington Post has put together this slideshow of their favorites, but it's worth bookmarking the original site and checking back from time to time for more Puckish gifs and captions.
Hope that perks up your mid-week! Over at the University of Iowa Special Collections, Colleen Theisen uses gifs to present such items as miniature alchemists' books and Cris de Paris, a set of 23 cards, each featuring a “cry” heard around Paris circa 1829.
Below, from a scrapbook on The Hanlon Brothers, an influential circus and variety act. Performing first as children in the 1840s and continuing into the early 20th century, they became known for their acrobatics and death-defying stunts such as the “Perilous Ladder.”
Who else but the Smithsonian would have the very first issue of Wonder Woman?
 You'll find more comic book lore and history here.

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