Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Are You a Tudormaniac?

Hello! My name is Amy (aka Daedalus Amy) and I'll be posting on behalf of The Daily Glean.

For all you Tudor fans have we got something for you!

Is it the drama—the royal rivalries, the plots and battles, the boundless ambition—that makes us thrill to tales of Tudor England? Is it the players—kingly Henry VIII, ruthless Thomas Cromwell, doomed Anne Boleyn, triumphant Elizabeth? Or is it the history itself, vividly played out in the works of Shakespeare, and more recently in books from historical writers like Hilary Mantel, Antonia Fraser, and Philippa Gregory?

Whatever the reasons, we can't get enough of the Tudors—particularly the new BBC–PBS Masterpiece series Wolf Hall—and here we celebrate this magnificent era in gripping historical narratives and novelizations as well as gorgeously costumed performances on DVD. Visit our forum here.


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  3. Don't know if you can call me a Tudormaniac, but I write my research paper on the Tudor family. It's funny to read that some people pay more attention to this than others.