Thursday, May 5, 2016

Crime Scene—Are You an Armchair Detective?

 Ready to Snoop?

We remain endlessly fascinated by criminal behavior. What makes a murderer? And how do we uncover one who is determined not to be caught? Here we have just a sampling from our broad range of true crime and crime fiction offerings: shocking murders and compelling cold cases, pioneering forensic investigations and sensational murder trials, great fictional detectives and their sometimes equally great adversaries. Come join us for the next several weeks as we explore the world of true and fictional crime.

What are some true crime movies, books and documentaries that had you riveted?

Match the crime to the celebrity. 
Can you guess the reason that each of these famous folks were arrested? Try our fun match game and see how you do. Click here to play.


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  2. I find a cool blog

  3. Not much activity here??? I couldn't figure out just how to get to or show the detective choices? I did greatly enjoy the Wain cat pictures. I'll look around some more but nothing here since May.. or do I not know how to get to more current comments? Nina