Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer School

Summer will be here any second, and with it long languid days and relaxing vacation weeks. Summer is also the perfect time for a little mental relaxation and entertainment, which is why we've put together an engaging collection of activity books, hobby handbooks, puzzle treasuries, and brain-tickling books about tricky words, fascinating history, and intriguing science—our own (and considerably more fun) version of "summer school."

You can discover the surprising charms of coloring with our grown-up coloring books, take up a new hobby like painting or sketching with step-by-step instruction books, delve into devilish crosswords and IQ tests, sharpen up your vocabulary, travel back in time and around the world, or explore the universe from your beach chair.

You can view our entire list of summer school suggestions here. Also, be sure to visit our website ( all summer as we'll be featuring lots of cool books to add to your shelves.

Here are a few of our personal picks to kick off your summer school fun!

The Coloring Book of Mindfulness: 50 Quotes and Designs to Help You Focus, Slow Down, De-Stress

List Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $10.95

This lovely book includes line illustrations inspired by the natural world yet designed to be creatively colored in. Amid flowers and trees you'll find parrots and peacocks, dragonflies and dormice, presented in two-page spreads ... Read more about this beautiful coloring book for adults here.

 Brain Puzzles
Brain Training Puzzles: Intermediate Book 2: Five-A-Day for Your Brain

List Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $2.98

Chess boards, color tiles, weights on balance beams, silhouettes to match, Sudoku and other number grids, battleships, and other challenging, often visually intensive puzzles are presented here for the practiced puzzle-solver. With colorful illustrations and graphics on every page, this fun little puzzle book is designed to sharpen your mind while also providing plenty of entertainment. Want to train your brain? Click here to purchase this great deal.

The Dictionary of Bullshit: A Shamelessly Opinionated Guide to All That is Absurd, Misleading and Insincere

List Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $3.98

In this hilarious, irreverent, and generally subversive compendium of what passes for discourse today, Nick Webb savages the blatant deceits, clich├ęs, jargon, and spin found in the realms of politics, self-help, marketing, the media, all things new age, statistics, science, and business. Find out more about this title now.

 calm coloring book
The Calm Coloring Book

Only $5.98

A perfect size for a purse, backpack, or briefcase, this compact coloring book is nonetheless stuffed with a wide-ranging selection of 120 illustrations: birds, flowers, fantasy gardens, happy fish, stained glass windows, mandalas, and numerous beautiful abstract patterns and motifs. Something about these gentle images—printed on the front of the page only—makes them particularly enticing for coloring in, encouraging you to enter a calm, meditative state wherever you are. Pick up this coloring book while supplies last.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Crime Scene—Are You an Armchair Detective?

 Ready to Snoop?

We remain endlessly fascinated by criminal behavior. What makes a murderer? And how do we uncover one who is determined not to be caught? Here we have just a sampling from our broad range of true crime and crime fiction offerings: shocking murders and compelling cold cases, pioneering forensic investigations and sensational murder trials, great fictional detectives and their sometimes equally great adversaries. Come join us for the next several weeks as we explore the world of true and fictional crime.

What are some true crime movies, books and documentaries that had you riveted?

Match the crime to the celebrity. 
Can you guess the reason that each of these famous folks were arrested? Try our fun match game and see how you do. Click here to play.